1 year | 2 nights | 3 plays | 4 tunnels

Epoch returns to our favourite time tunnel, The Vaults, with our 3rd incarnation; 1950.


It was the Epoch of the modern era, the commies were coming, the technological race made its first lap, colour exploded into our lives and consumerism was born.


Come and revel in all index year 0 has to offer, Epoch present the immersion through time and three new plays from some of Londons newest theatre companies.


This time we’re not only offering you two chances to catch 1950, we’re also giving you live music, hijinks and plenty of opportunity to jive after the performances and on Saturday 4th October the bar will be pouring till 2am.


Come and discover a time you’ve forgotten or a time you never knew.


Featuring new plays by

Husk | The Dank Parish | Rusted Dust


and post-show performances by













 "All dress is fancy dress, is it not, except our natural skins" - George Bernard Shaw, d. 1950

(Get your glad rags on!)


Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th October.

Doors at 7pm, first performance 7.30pm

Late entry permitted after 9.30pm



Friday 3rd October, late night until midnight - £12.50

Saturday 4th October, late night until 2am - £15.00

Coming soon - post 9.30pm tickets - £5.00

The Vaults, Waterloo








Once inside, you'll get to see three entirely new theatrical experiences from our Resident Companies, and once all that's over, you'll get to enjoy music from the beautiful and entirely talented Tootsie Rollers and dance the night away to the DJ of musical ressurection; Beats in Abundance (BIA); check them all out below...



Six Perfect Pin ups - One Retro Girlband. 


They dazzle audiences with their sizzling sound and high energy performances. Their music is a striking fusion of Glamorous, golden-era classics sprinkled with contemporary magic to give them a totally Tootsie twist. These leggy lovelies entertain the troops as they hit the harmonies, strut their stuff and tap to fascinatin' rhythms. Cute, sassy, sexy and fun, The Tootsie Rollers are this season's must-have vintage accessory!

Like Dancing? Like Music? 


BIA splice together a bespoke sountrack from the 1950's for one reason only; 


So we can all dance the night away like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - except we don't have to dance on the ceiling...


Rusted Dust present:

The Communist Threat  


Written by Kieran O'Rourke


Ordered to execute a communist spy, two Secret Service operatives await the go ahead in the cellar of a London hotel. Bored, hungry and rapidly running out of cigarettes, relations become strained. Will the order ever come? Will they care if it does and will they ever want to work together again?


The Communist Threat examines ideas of friendship, loyalty and what it is to do your duty whilst wearing a trilby.


Rusted Dust are the collaboration between two East 15 graduates, Kieron & David. 


Cast: David Holmes & Kieran O'Rourke.



The Dank Parish present: 


Etiquette and Intelligence


Written by Zinta Gercans

Director -  Jon Cooper

Stage Manager - Matt Gunter


The year is 1950, and following the introduction of the National Radio Awards, you are cordially invited to the inaugural broadcast of, "Looking for the One," which guides participants through a maze of complicated social rules in order to simplify the process of courtship.


At least, that's the official line; the truth is that the programme provides a manufactured environment for a controlled experiment. The test is based on Alan Turing's seminal paper on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, which considers the question, "Can machines think?"


One unwitting volunteer - our hopeful young suitor - will communicate through a series of messages with both a human, and with a computer. Based on their interaction, our chap must then decide which would make the most suitable companion.


It is often said that love is blind; so when matters of the heart are involved, can one distinguish between humans and machines? Does romanticism interfere with the recognition of logic in its purest form? We can only discover the truth if we give the game a go. 


The denizens of The Dank Parish have long delighted in the dirt and dreams of dystopias and new worlds. Traditionally bringing immersive theatre to the UK festival circuit, the dank are pleased to bring their third helping to Epoch in the tradition of technology and its evolution. 

Cast:  Zinta Gercans, Owen Jenkins, Amy Fleming & Nigel Munson




Husk Theatre Company present:


Keeping up with the Joans


Written by Jake Tindle

Directed by Simon Grujich


Mary and George are a young couple. They're well off (but not wealthy), they live in a nice house in a nice street in a good part of town. They've just bought a brand new T.V, which is quite a big deal., especially as they've mainly bought it to keep up with their well off (and wealthy) peers; Roger and Joan, who are cordially invited round for Tea to show off their new prize possession. 


Enter their neighbour, a mysterious overseas Doctor, and the afternoon falls into chaos...


Husk Theatre Company were formed in a dank, dark corner of a bar. Where all good companies are made.

Cast: Sarah Langrish-Smith, Claire Jared, David Alderman, David Gerrits & David Frias-Robles


EPOCH Present:

The 1950's


1950 brought around a new decade without war and rationing finally subsiding... Join Epoch as we celebrate through the year of music, dance, cakes, gingham, our usual timeline and more... 


All this and our Bar is open late. 

Come back in time with us to our very own tunnel (once home to part of the Channel Tunnel HQ) -

The Vaults is situated underneath London Waterloo Station in almost 30,000 square feet of underground fascination and brickwork

Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th October.

Doors at 7pm, first performance 7.30pm

Late entry permitted after 9.30pm



Friday 3rd October, late night until midnight - £12.50

Saturday 4th October, late night until 2am - £15.00

The Vaults, Waterloo