Do you remember Panda-pops, Shag Bands, MC Hammer Pants and what a VHS is?

Then join us to revel in the glory that was 1993 with three pieces of new writing from some of London's fastest emerging companies and directors;



AllthePigs present:

Boldly Gone by Kieron O'Rourke, Directed by Sam Carrack


In 1993 it was announced that the current series of ‘Star Trek the Next Generation’, 

would be the last. A handful of avid Trekkies found this to be more than they could handle. So in a 

community centre in South London; a counselling group was formed to help them through their grief. 

This is their rather peculiar story of coming to terms with the final frontier...


Devised by AllthePigs and scripted by Kieron O’Rourke, we invite you to go boldly where no-one has 

gone before.

Cast includes: Matthew Raymond, Sarah Bradnum, Daniel Hallissey, David Holmes, Chris Matragos, Kieran O'Rourke & Ami Stidolph.


The Dank Parish present: 

A Whole New World devised by Dank Parish, from scenarios by Brian Mullin


1993 saw the advent and widespread use of not only the internet, e-mail and personal computing but the beginning of a new way of life embedded with technology.  For some, it was a blessing, for others it the end of a way of life cemented in decades of tradition and routine. 


The Dank Parish explore how we all began on a new horizon with a collection of vignettes created by Brian and brought to life by Director Martin Coat.
Cast includes: Jake Hassam, Zinta Gercans and Neil Connolly.


Husk Theatre Company present:

Super Sweep by Sam Miller, Directed by Simon Grujich


Once upon a time, Dale Winton was a big thing. The 90's never again gave us such daytime televised treats but somewhere along the path of two lovers - his famous Supermarket has been swept back into the real world, with giant bananas and all. What will they remember lies in the aisles?


Husk Theatre Company is a brand new offering forged from members of The Merely Players and from the depths of the Old Vic Pit Bar.
Cast includes: Rory Murphy & Sarah Langrish-Smith

EPOCH Present:

This is 1993

 Epoch bring you back to a room reverted entirely to 1993. You can experience a full on ’93 only soundtrack, your favourite tv as a child (with adverts!), UV lights only the 90’s allowed, our very own VHS sculture and of course the bar – did someone say Panda-Pops and Hooch?! Whether you were only 2 or 20, we promise to send you back to the ‘good times' before neon face-paint was a student union cliche.

Come back in time with us to our very own tunnel (once home to part of the Channel Tunnel HQ) - The Vaults is situated underneath London Waterloo Station in almost 30,000 square feet of underground fascination and brickwork.