We're all about time...




We at epoch love the past-  which is why we bring it back to enjoy a second time. We choose the finest co-conspirators to usher you back to periods of time relegated to wikipedia pages whilst enlightening you about events that may (or may not) have occurred.


Come and rerun through Film, Theatre, Television, Music, Dance, Literature, Fashion, Technology, Recipes, News, Decor, Celebrities... you name it, we’ll bring it back for the love of art and times gone by.



The epoch family

At the heart of what we do is support emerging artists. All the companies that perform with epoch are at various early(ish) stages of their careers. Once they have become part of the epoch family, we are always on hand to offer support and advice;


Rusted Dust have just returned from Edinburgh following a very successful run of 'The Communist Threat' a play that was first written for and performed at |1950| epoch worked closely with Rusted Dust to aide them with the development of the play and getting it to Edinburgh.

We're currently in the process of developing our fledgling scheme for brand new Theatre Companies.


To find out more about the fledgling scheme, to keep up to date with happenings or if you are interested in becoming part of the epoch family then do drop us an email

epoch are:


George Islay Calderwood

Sam Carrack

Caggy Kerlogue


If you want to get in touch please do drop us a line.