Red was the new Black
Silver was the new Religion
Andy was the new Creator

epoch come to VAULT lates to present a night of The Factory. Journey with us through ‘the happenings’ of Andy Warhol's New York Art Studio(s) from 1962-1984.  

Using our unique blend of theatre, music, art and good times, we’ll be presenting you with 22 years of history,
in just 4½ hours of late night immersive revelry!

Be an Artist, be a ‘Superstar’, be a consumer, be a soup?....or just be famous for 15 minutes. 


Put on your best Factory Fashion and join us for the ultimate evening


Every time tunnel has a silver lining



'Art is whatever you can get away with'...'Everyone needs a fantasy'. Join epoch for The Factory, a whirlwind exploration of what fantasy and art can be...according to Warhol.







Like Dancing? Like Music?


Our resident DJ's BIA splice together a bespoke sountrack from the factory era so we can dance with Herko's spirit and Warhol's colour. 



Like Death? Like Drawing?


With a Factory inspired drawing salon. Offering curiosity, theatricality and a little bit more gore than your average life drawing class. RIP boring life drawing, hello death drawing. Art materials will be supplied.

Like Theatre? Like Immersion


Immersive theatre extraordinaires David Frias-Robles and Georgia Clarke-Day present an immersive journey with key members of The Factory; it’ll be ‘happening’ all around. Bring a photo of yourself and they’ll make sure you go down in history.


Saturday 28th February


Tickets: £12 
The Vaults, Leake Street, SE1 7NN