1 Night, 3 Plays, 4 Tunnels


Following the success of This Is 1993, Epoch return to The Vaults to present their latest mix of Theatre and throwbacks with The Millennium.


Come and span the reach from the underwhelming 1999 party to the election of Putin and George W.Bush, featuring the work of All The Pigs, Husk Theatre  and The Dank Parish.


Be transported into the time tunnel featuring all things that were or were not The Millennium. The world didn’t end but it was the end for The Mini, Snoopy and Scatman John. It was the last time space didn’t have a human presence, the last time life existed without Grand Theft Auto and the last time Russell Crowe could fit his ego through a door-frame! So come with us, at least until the party’s over…oops out of time.

Join us to jump back into THE MILLENNIUM with three pieces of new writing from some of London's fastest emerging theatre companies;



AllthePigs present:

A Beginners' Guide to the Apocalypse  


by Kieran O'Rourke

Director - Sarah Bradnum


Everyone needs a party after a long, hard year. To unwind, relax - get it all out of the system. The hangover of tomorrow can wait till next year... But if there was no tomorrow, what would you do tonight?


Join us for the ultimate New Year's Eve party - the last night of the world!

Refreshments provided...


Devised by AllthePigs and scripted by Kieron O’Rourke. 


Cast: Abi Parmenter, Daniel Hallissey, David Holmes, Chris Matragos, Kieran O'Rourke, Natalie Law & Ami Stidolph.


The Dank Parish present: 


  Written and Directed by Chris Gunter & Martin Coat

The world is a big computer, and everyone knows that computers break. Alarms will chime, machines unwind, planes will fall from the sky. We have tried our hardest to make your lives comfortable- but, with the best of intentions, we made something that is definately going to break. The world won't end as such, but its certainly going to fall apart.


Anybody any ideas?


The denizens of The Dank Parish have long delighted in the dirt and dreams of dystopias and new worlds. Traditionally bringing immersive theatre to the UK festival circuit, the dank are pleased to bring their second helping to Epoch. Remembering the palpable paranoia of the millennium bug, and a world on the brink of resetting.

Cast: Martin Coat, Chris Gunter, Zinta Gercans, Neil Connelly, Jake Hassam.


Husk Theatre Company present:

Princess of Pop:  The Real Truth behind the Britney/Christina Feud' 


by Sam Freeman

Director - Simon Grujich


Brody Spelling is a renowned and celebrated American biographer. His latest work 'The Real True Truth: Stories the Stars Don't Want You to Hear' grabbed headlines recently, with many alleging the book was purely a work of fiction, and that he'd simply 'made it all up'. Today, Brody is going to be reading an excerpt from said book, and will be available to answer any of your questions in the bar afterwards.


Husk Theatre Company were formed in a dank, dark corner of a bar. Where all good companies are made.

Cast: Claire Jared, Sarah Langridh-Smith, Lesley Free, Jack Faires, David Gerits & SImon Grijuch.

EPOCH Present:



The transition from 1999 to 2000 brought a lot to us all. Potential, catastrophe, enlightenment or even disappointment. Whichever it was for you, we've searched our cd's for a full on Millenniun soudtrack, re-discovered the news that shook the world and provided plentyfor you to enjoy whatever you missed the first time round, all those years ago.


All this and our Bar is open late. 

Come back in time with us to our very own tunnel (once home to part of the Channel Tunnel HQ) - The Vaults is situated underneath London Waterloo Station in almost 30,000 square feet of underground fascination and brickwork.