Today at The Factory




Take Me To Church...


February 2nd 1975,



Lee Radziwill: "Did you go to Church today Andy?"


Andy Warhol: "Yes, but I only stayed a minute."


Lee Radziwill: "Why?"


Andy Warhol: "Because I thought I was going to be late. I got there right before it started and left right as it was starting."


Fred Hughes: "Well in these times, any boy who goes every Sunday, even if he only stays a minute is a devout Catholic."


Lee Radziwill: "This is pretty personal, but do you ever take Communion?"


Andy Warhol: "Well - I never feel that I do anything bad. But I do take Communion sometimes."


Lee Radziwill: "And you go to Confession before? Do you give up things for Lent?"


Fred Hughes: "He gives up things for his figure."


Andy Warhol: "I think it's really pretty to go to church. The church I go to is a pretty church. They have so many masses."


Lee Radziwill: "I think they've almost all made it too easy for Catholics - you can go to Saturday mass and that counts for Sunday. And Sunday if you miss the morning you can go in the evening and you don't really have to go to Confession now."


Fred Hughes: "The divorce thing is one of the cruelest things the Church ever did, caused the most heartache."


Lee Radziwill: "It'll change. Everything takes forever."



Excerpt from "Lee" by Andy Warhol (Interview magazine, March 1975, v. 5 no. 3)